Mr. Canyon, what a guy.

Canyon is a black and white F1X pomsky, with a cream undercoat he looks more grey than black!  Bred by Curve Hill Pomskies out of Kentucky, he has a stunning husky mask and wonderful husky personality and look.  He weighs in at 30 lbs of pure love and affection.  The X on his F1 just means that he is an outcross to an american eskimo.  That does not in any way change that he is in fact a Pomksy.  Outcrossing makes it possible to be accepted by AKC or CKC one day!

Even though he is super shy around new people he is quite the lover!  He loves our kids, other dogs and the occasional cat he has come across.

We purchased him from Mile High Kennel out of Cory, Colorado when he was a year and a half.  His embark results came in, and he is clear of 160 different diseases and DNA typed 50% american eskimo and 50% husky!  If you would like more information on him please feel free to message me.  To the right breeder, I would consider studing him out.

His Embark Results; EMBK.ME/CANYON2